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The Top Way to Show Your Support If You’re an Avid Sports Fan

Avid sports fanatics unite! There are numerous ways to support your favourite sports team. Go to all their games, cheer for them, watch their press conferences and live-game feeds. The most popular is wearing the team colours. You can say it loud and proud with custom designed tees.

Custom tshirt printing allows you the flexibility to choose your design and personalise your T-shirts. You'll get a sense of belongingness and build kinships with other fellow supporters of your sports team. Showing your team spirit is easier when you wear custom designed tees.

Learn what you need to do when you want to own a custom-designed T-shirt.

  1. Prepare the design and T-shirt

Search for a viable design you wish to use. The design must comply with the print shop’s rules. Ask them if they have any design restrictions.

Here are some of the popular design ideas that people usually use:

  • Team logo. You can use the team logo as the central design of the T-shirt. Place it at chest level and make sure it is just the right size.
  • You can use the team's mascot: print it on the back of your T-shirt, or embroider it on the left front pocket of the T-shirt.
  • Name of favourite player with their jersey number. You can opt to put the name of your favourite player on the team and his jersey number. It is ideal that it takes up the whole back portion of the T-shirt.

You can also create your design if you wish to or you can ask the artists in the print shop to design one for you.

You should also prepare the T-shirt beforehand. Choose a high-quality T-shirt and make sure you get the colour you want. Sports fanatics usually choose the team colour as the base colour for the T-shirt. But, it is really up to you what colour you pick. If you want something that could be easily paired, then you should choose neutral tones as your base colour such as white, grey, black and brown.

  1. Send the design to the print shop

Save the design in a USB or send it via email. You should make sure that the file format is one of the ideal file formats. Save the file under .ai, .wmf, .psd, .pdf or .png.

  1. Talk it over with the artist

Your designs might need a touch up if you require large dimensions. They may also need to change the colour so that the design will be more visible and will contrast beautifully on the T-shirt.

  1. Choose the mode of design transfer

There are many ways to transfer the artwork to the T-shirt. You can have it screen printed, iron transferred, embroidered or dye sublimated.

This step-by-step guide will be able to help you get the perfect custom designed tees. Follow these to the letter so you can get yours done in a jiffy.

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