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Nutty Buddy Protective Cup A Must Have for Sportsmen

Perfect male lower groin protection for those that place cricket, American Football, hockey, rugby, baseball and those that are involved in MMA, cycling, motor biking spots, and much more.

Depending on which sports that you are into, there can be some gruelling moments where you wish you had some kind of protection in advance of an accident. It goes back to the old saying “Hindsight is always a wonderful thing”. When it is too late, and an accident has already occurred that doesn’t mean it is too late.

Nutty Buddy is just one example of multipurpose protective sportswear that will help you avoid injury in one of the most vital parts of your body!

Injuries can either be spontaneous or be the result of continuous exercise whereby you are putting strain on your groin area. This is where the Nutty Buddy comes into play. You might be a cyclist having problems with your groin due to intensive training sessions because that 100-mile London to Brighton charity event is closing in and you are training harder than usual.

Alternatively, you may be a cricket player and one faithful summer’s day your current protection was too hot to wear so you took a risk and removed it. Or you are a martial artist that didn’t see the need for protection.

Whatever the sport is, most of the time you will need protection. The problem is, how you find a protective piece of clothing that is going to be comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are or how much flexibility you need while carrying the sport that you love.

In comes the Nutty Buddy:

The nutty buddy is an affordable and very comfortable protective pad that you can place down you pants to protect your nether regions – (your nuts!) – Hence the name Nutty Buddy.

With this piece of gear, you will never be caught out because you decided to take it off due to the weather warming that area of your body up causing it to be uncomfortable. In fact, it is so comfortable everyone that wears one says that they hardly notice it is there.

The Nutty Buddy is not restrictive like many other athletic cups. It has been designed to make sure it does not limit performance while playing sports and to keep the air flowing to the protected area.

Peace of Mind:

Once the key advantage to the Nutty Buddy is that protection below the belt gives you more confidence. You can cycle harder or get in the way of shots while in the wall for a free kick playing football. If you are a martial arts performer, you can be confident a miss kick from your opponent will not harm you and if you play while playing cricket, you can get that angle to take a swing at the ball even though it could risk hitting you in the groin.

In short, the Nutty Buddy gives all sportsmen the ultimate comfort in protection they need to confidently participate in the sport or sports that they love.

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