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Know Alton Ingram’s Pick While Scouting His Own College Football Team

Now that 2017 is already gone and the best names in individual categories have been already picked, college football has also received its own distinct players. Alton Ingram has been following College Football not from today, but for decades and he has grown up seeing the Sport both on the field and off the field. How big a fan he is, can be determined by how closely he follows it. With 2017 ending, he has already picked his favorite All American College Foot-Ball Team.

Alton Ingram’s Choice and Formation of the College Football Team

Starting off with the Offense

  • Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma, the guy with the best passing record is the most dependable player right now. His performance is completely complementary to what’s the condition in the Playoffs. His efficiency has already been tested and proved, and with 41 touchdowns, he’s the first on the list.
  • Bryce Love from Stanford and his 30 yards of the run makes him a constant threat to the opponents. Even though he was suffering from an ankle injury, he made successful 8.3 yards every time he had the ball in his hand. A must take for the team.
  • James Washington from Oklahoma, who is considered to have the safest pair of hands in the game. Just throw a ball at him, and the rest is the iron-magnet attraction that works for him. Obviously, he’s the top receiver while he enters the senior season and has the record of covering 1423 receiving yards.

Now there must be much more in the offence, but these players are a must for Alton Ingram, and hence the rest can be managed accordingly. Moving to the defence, he believes this is exactly where you can break the spine of the opponents. So the defensive lineup is pretty strong in his picks.

  • Bradley Chubb, from North Carolina State, has been recorded for his impressive campaign in his junior championship games. With 21.5 tackles at a go, he definitely makes to the senior section as the topper of the class. He has already had 10 sacks, three forced fumbles, and a reputation where he is considered to be a constant threat on the edges.
  • Ed Oliver from Houston has already had the Sports on Earth’s number one player to play in any position. Considering his offence, he might not be as good as Mayfield, but the dominant nature makes him a five-star recruit for the game. He’s super versatile and apart from blocking, his receiving capabilities make him the favorites for all the selectors.
  • Maurice Hurst from Michigan might not have big numbers to show, but has the consistency in the defensive line. Not a starter this season for sure and his experience is what helps him read the mind game well. With just 59 tackles and quite a few effective blocks, Alton Ingram believes he has a bigger role to play in his team.

With this combination, there’s no team on earth that can beat them at least in Football.

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