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How to choose a golf practice net

How to choose a golf practice net?

When you want to master a skill, you need to practice more. As per the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect” we should practice everything before making a move. Likewise for golf, you need to practice before playing in golf course. So if you are heading out for golf, you have to be prepared with the enough practice. SO to master golfing, you have to practice well. For this purpose, practice nets are available in the market. While you want to buy one, you need to have better understanding regarding practice net. Do you think it is a piece of accessory that just covers the ball while hitting? If you have this in mind, then you are wrong! There are many criteria to consider before choosing a practice net. There are two types of net based on the mechanism used within the net. They are

  • Manual practice net – This net works as the ball stopper which blacks your ball after hit with the net. Thus every ball hit can flow anywhere within the area. Later after completing your practice session, you need to collect every ball around.
  • Automatic practice net – This is a time saving type which is automatic with ball return and ball stopper option. When you hit balls, all your swings are taken with ball return and stopper methodology. With this mechanism, you need not have to wall all around to collect balls after practice. The practice net itself collects every ball after swing with the automatic technique.

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These two types of net can chosen based on your budget. Obviously every facility is made available depending on the price. When you want a net within low budget, then you have to walk around to collect ball. This choice is totally based on your opinion. Next depending on the location, practice nets can be classified as following

  • Chipping net
  • Golf net with ball return system (Automatic)
  • Golf net for indoor use
  • Golf net for garden
  • Golf net for garage
  • Golf driver net
  • Pop up golf net

All these types have its own features based on the variety of manufacturers. Also, Dura-Pro High Velocity Golf Cage is a highly featuring practice net in the recent market. This does multi tasking which can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose. Another thing to consider is whether you want the net to be in fixed position or you want to move it around. When you choose a fixed position practice net, you can go with lower cost but it will be a hassle when you want to move it around. When you choose a portable practice net, you can easily carry along. It is easily collapsible and easy to store. After a deep research, Dura-pro high velocity golf cage is the best option we can opt.