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How Canoes Are Made?

Canoes have been around for a while and have mostly been used as water sports. They are very common in the Olympic Games and amongst people who use recreational rowing as a fitness activity. In the recent past canoes and kayaks have become a popular trend among many water sports lovers. They have been primarily associated with destinations that have beach or lakeside resorts. Many people today who have access to open waters such as lakes are showing interest in getting their canoes for personal recreation.

Canoes are essentially small boats carrying one or more people in a linear sitting arrangement, and the boat is to be paddled forward. The cockpit is located in the center of the canoe, and the paddler sits in it facing forward or in the direction of travel. The historical design of the kayak is inspired from tree barks floating on the water. The first canoes were made out of tree barks with dug-outs as a cockpit. Over a period, the design and the materials of canoes evolved to a great extent, and each one of them has their unique properties and demerits.

Fiberglass Canoes

These are the cheapest canoes that are made of fiberglass materials. The material quality ranges from low grade to premium grade which effects their durability and hence price range. Kevlar mostly dominates the premium grade canoes. These are sturdy, heavyweight boats which are popular among paddlers for their low maintenance and cost. That being said they are not much rigid and are highly prone to damage which is why they are not recommended to be taken into very choppy and white waters. These canoes are mostly used in recreational marina rentals where tourists and paddlers use them for recreational paddling in calm waters.

Aluminum Canoes

These are by far the most rigid, most durable and low maintenance canoes. They are abrasion and corrosion free and are known for their strength and rigidity. Aluminum canoes are quite bulky and have a problem of getting too hot and emitting too much glare which is why they are not used for general recreational purposes. However, given the strength of their body, they are best for adventure sports and white waters or very choppy waters.

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable canoes are the newest and revolutionary addition to the canoe industry and are one of its kind. These canoes can be deflated and can be wrapped and stored easily, which makes it an ideal choice for those who have storage limitations for their boats. Likewise, it also works amazingly well for people who like to take their canoes along when traveling as these can be folded and packed in a suitcase easily. Since inflatable kayaks are very light in weight, they are an excellent choice if you wish to go kayaking with your dog. That being said, these boats have little rigidity despite being coated for an abrasion to reduce damages. Punctures are a severe threat to these canoes and can pose a grave risk of an accident.

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