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A Guide to Getting a Pair of Skates

Whether you are a beginner or a professional with great skills in skating, you cannot do without using the most suitable pair of skates to enjoy the sport of skating. After getting a good gear to keep the body warm and ready for the sports, the next thing you need to have a fantastic time while skating is to get a reliable and suitable skate. A skate is a blade or runner that is designed to fit into the sole of a shoe to allow people to glide on ice.

This guide will give you a clear idea of the kinds of skates that are available, their purposes, and their designs.


The design of ice skates ensures that they can resist any forms of physical pressures that may be encountered during the sports. Since the intensity of ice hockey is quite high, the skates are shaped to allow users to move swiftly and safely. These types of skates are lighter, more slender and flatter than other types of skates, and ensure that your feet enjoy more support to manoeuvre your way why taking part in the sports. Typically, there is usually no toe-pick at the front of the skates for ice hockey.

Figure skates

Figure skating is associated with high-intensity jumping, turning quickly, and spinning endlessly in a greatly and expertly orchestrated manner, andit is essential for the figure skate to be highly flexible so that users can move easily and seamlessly. If you are buying skates for figure skating, choose one that has sharp blades that will enable you to move, jump, turn and spin with great accuracy without exposing your feet and ankles to injury. A toe-pick, which can be found at the front of the skate, also enables spinning and jumping during skating.

Speed skates

Speed skates usually come with long and thin blades that allow fast movement of the feet of the user. The blades of most of thespeedskates are not attached to the heel of the shoe; hence, the blades will not be able to dig ice as the skater glides through the ice. With this mechanism, friction is reduced,and the skater will not be slowed down.

Choosing the right ice skates

When choosing a pair of skates for your skating, you need to choose skates that fit comfortably into your feet so that your ankles are well protected and supported while you are skating. Wearing skates that aretoo loose or tight may cause serious injury or damage to your ankle or feet. Also, you should choose skates that are mainly designed for thetype of skating you need them for.

Quality should also be one of the things you consider when buying a pair of skates. You must always remember that your safety during skating is sometimes dependent on the pair of skates you use. If you would like to buy well-designed skates for ice hockey, check out the review of the CCM Super Tacks Senior ice hockey skates.

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