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Super Mario World rom

Super Mario: Get To Know The Character Behind The Classic Game

Super Mario is without question among the most widely known character in the world of video games. As a matter of fact, Super Mario was first seen in a different game known as Donkey Kong. He appeared as a supporting character to the game’s main figure, who is a gorilla. Donkey Kong kidnapped Mario’s beloved and took her to a castle guarded by mechanical machines and gigantic elevators.

Nintendo Makes A Move

The actual game of Super Mario Bros. was later released by Nintendo and followed the same storyline as his story back in Donkey Kong. However, the main character became Mario and there were several versions of the game released since then. There were more plot twists and there were more villains. As a matter of fact, even animation studio Disney released a film version of the game several years back. 

An Interesting Game

 Super Mario World rom

Super Mario Bros. has captured the interest not only among gaming enthusiasts but the general public whose first introduction to the world of game consoles was spearheaded by this character. The game is played by both boys and girls, and has transcended other genres of video games as well including adventure and racing. The classic game features Mario stomping over deadly turtles, bosses, live plants and more. He needed to stumble upon bricks and smash them, and sometimes even go through secret passages through plumbing tubes.

Game Levels

The classic game usually starts with the smallest size of Mario and can grow when he passes by a mushroom. This mushroom also has the power to give him the ability to jump higher or spurt out fireballs. When he hits a deadly turtle, he grows back to his lesser form and at his basic form, he loses a life.

New Variations

Today, the company has released other versions of the game, including Super Mario World rom that is patterned after the role playing games. The classic game was not really categorized under RPG, but more of an adventure-inspired one. However, this time, it has showcased features found in other games such as Final Fantasy, Ragnarok and World of Warcraft. Role playing games offer the effects of imbibing the characters from the point of the view of the players. The Super Mario RPG game focuses on a storyline that allows the player to use the character to destroy the enemy along a world, use their weapons and defeat their base.

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