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A Senior’s Guide to Boosting the Swing Speed

A Senior’s Guide to Boosting the Swing Speed

Golf can be quite intimidating but if you want to enjoy the large open-field with your buddies, do not let anything stop you – even your age. Seniors can enjoy golfing but the challenge here is not covering greater distance even if you put all your might in a shot.

The good news is that with the right golf clubs for seniors, you can achieve greater distance with little effort. There are many manufacturers these days that focus on golf clubs and other accessories to boost your performance and enhance your golfing experience. You should start looking for shafts that are made of flexible iron compound to make a proper swing.

Speaking of proper swing, it is an essential part of golf whether you are a beginner or a senior.  Here are some tips for boosting the speed of your swing for a better play:

Determine your swing speed
The first thing that you need to do is to determine your swing speed. Many golfers start without knowing their swing speed. You must know that determining your swing speed is not very hard - you just need to go to a golf retail store or pro shops and take a measurement. If this is not possible, your swing speed can be estimated based on the club that you hit from a 150-yard distance.

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Determine the shaft flex
The shaft flex will reflect how much force is required to transfer energy to the golf ball. It is important that you determine the shaft flex based on your swing speed. Senior flex should be used for swing speed between 60 and 70 mph. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong shaft will lead to sliced, hooked or inaccurate shots.

Find lighter shaft
If your golf club is heavy, you have to utilise all your strength to produce a greater swing speed. This is a problem for senior golfers. The best solution is to find a lighter shaft – preferably weighing around 50-60 grams. By using lighter shafts, it will not only boost your swing speed but it will also help you swing hard without utilising all your body strength.

Learn how to allocate the weight of the golf club properly
Another way to boost your swing speed is to allocate the weight of your club properly. Your goal here is to put more weight towards the grip end of the club to increase your swing speed. This will increase the distance traveled by the ball and it will also improve the accuracy of your shots.

Utilise longer shaft
You can try using a longer shaft. This can allow you to have a better swing. Aside from that, it will also facilitate greater width.

Test the clubs before purchase
It is crucial that you test the clubs before purchasing. If you do not like the feel of the golf clubs, you can pick another manufacturer with the same configuration. Do not be so hasty.