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The Reason Behind the Astonishing Success of LOL

The Reason Behind the Astonishing Success of LOL

With the current digital technology, it’s no surprise that mobile games are now becoming such a tremendous hit with online gamers. Ordinarily, players need to pay a nominal fee to be able to play a game. There are even others that charge a monthly subscription to defray server costs and game updates. It is the traditional setup for online games since these companies need to make money and at that time free games are a foreign concept.

When the game League of Legends (LOL) emerged, the team that created it ensured that players will not gain an edge by putting real money into the game. In this multiplayer online battle arena game, the currency is referred to as Riot points which gamers can avail with real cash. With their riot points, players can unlock new champions (or characters), gear their preferred heroes with new Amumu skins, or unlock icons and ward skins.

At any given time, it has been said that millions are playing League of Legends. With this online game becoming such an enormous success, let’s take a closer look at the epic reasons behind it.

Provides regular updates 

Since the year it started, LOL has been constantly updated for a broad range of purposes. Avid gamers are presented with new champions, features, content, and even reshaping of current champions. With the developers offering innovation and creativity,  it’s no wonder the game enjoys an incredible success.

Amumu skins

Worth to mention is the updates made in 2014, not only did developers introduce 6 new champions, loads of skins, new game modes but also provided a whole new jungle rework plus a new summoner’s rift map. With players being guaranteed with regular updates, older gamers will surely be challenged and motivated to continue to play. Besides that, it sustains a healthy gaming population, as well as draw new players. 

Available unique customization

As previously mentioned, with LOL games, players can show their unique style by providing their champions with their distinctive skins. In the past, it’s difficult to create customization without altering the game balance.

In any case, LOL resolved this issue by allowing players to customize their champions with unique skins without accumulating any kind of game privileges as what happens with other games. Nowadays, gamers end up splurging on Amumu skins than they normally would pay on monthly subscription fees.

Offers more than 100 champions 

This multiplayer online battle arena matches five gamers versus five other players. While playing the game only offers five roles, however, you can choose from more than 100 champions and most of it are not limited by just one role.

As a player, you can freely select different builds and strategies utilizing the same champion and if you opt to switch heroes you can simply elect another.

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