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Online Games Paying Million Dollar Prizes & Considered Sports!

Would you believe that the online gaming industry is jam-packed full of virtual games that pay-out million dollars plus prize pools?

Well, it’s 2019 ladies and gentlemen and that means you have probably heard of esports. If you haven’t, then it is time to educate yourself on the definition of sport. In the Oxford Dictionary sport is defined as the physical exertion and skill when teams or individuals pit their wits against each other people or another person.

Now eSports are games played online that involve teams or individuals playing against each other, but there is a question regarding the physical exertion that the Oxford Dictionary mentions. However, scientists have proven that playing a game online competitively does require the physical exertion of energy and therefore the label eSports has been acquired by the list of games we are about to mention below.

Many people say that eSports should not be categorized as a sport. However, they have been all the same, and so the era of eSports has been born.

There is one more thing that we ought to mention. eSports do not mean playing tennis online or an online football game such as FIFA Football or Soccer. There are other games that are less obvious eSports that are paying out million-dollar prizes to finalists and we are about to cover those games briefly so you can understand exactly what an eSport is.

DOTA 2 & League of Legends esports Mobile Online Battle Arena Gaming

Both these games are very similar, so we have added them into the same section. DOTA 2 and Language of Legends (LOL) are games that involve team battles on a fantasy map.

Each team has 5 players totaling 10 people on the game map. Then each one of those players controls a hero (DOTA 2) or Champion (LOL). Each hero or champion has its own special skills and attributes. Some freeze, some stun, some have high strength, life steal, some are range and others are melee.

The idea of the game is to choose a hero or champion that will counter the other team’s heroes and carries. Also, choosing heroes or champions that compliment the team are just as important. You can see just how many heroes there are on DOTA 2 here.

There are literally hundreds to choose from in both games. People master these heroes and the ways of the game in order to build their heroes up with experience and gain gold to buy weapons, healing items, and armor. With all this in mind, the games can become incredibly complicated and it is complexity that draws so many players in.

Now let’s look at just how serious this eSport has become. In the last DOTA International, there was a total of $25,532,177 in the prize pool.

Here is how that prize pool was distributed according to where the teams finished in the completion:

  1. $11,234,158
  2. $4,085,148
  3. $2,680,879
  4. $1,787,252
  5. $1,148,948
  6. $1,148,948
  7. $638,304
  8. $638,304
  9. $382,983
  10. $382,983
  11. $382,983
  12. $382,983
  13. $127,661
  14. $127,661
  15. $127,661
  16. $127,661
  17. $63,830
  18. $63,830

Pretty amazing right? With the winning team of 5 taking home in excess of $11 million plus these players were also paid sponsorship fees, which are ongoing sponsors because the DOTA international is just one championship over the course of the year for this eSport. The pros at this game spend all year on a circuit that includes the Asian Championship, European Championship, Winter Championships, Spring Championship and so on.

League of Legends is exactly the same with multiple competitions being played by pro teams throughout the year. In addition to this, LOL also boasts large prize pools to teams that make it to the paid prize spots in every competition that involves League of Legends teams.

Online Poker Is Now Considered an eSport

As physical poker has become a well-known game, it has also been dubbed as a sport. Competitions such as the World Series of Poker closely followed by Live22 Malaysia has meant that the world sports association has had no choice but to class poker as a sport.

In the 2018 WSOP Main Event, the prize pool was $74,015,600. The winner, John Cynn, picked up $8,800,000. The largest recorded main event prize pool was in 2006, which was                 $82,512,162 and saw Jamie Gold win $12,000,000.

The large prize pool and popularity of the game of poker have also been replicated online. There are now some huge tournaments online that also conjure up million-dollar prize pools.

According to a press release on PR Newswire, the Stars Group's PokerStars boasted the largest ever online poker series. With over 1.1 million entrants the total prize money was in the region of $100 million. That is some going for what many call “just a game of cards”.

There is no doubt that poker is a sport in itself because the money involved is serious business. As for the physical assertion side of the game, well this comes from the many hours sitting at a poker table. Believe it or not, the amount of brain power and concentration that needs to go into a 12-hour session at the tables is no easy feat – especially when you consider that one bad decision could end up costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft is a Highly Regarded eSports

Would you believe that this is also another card game? Older folk will remember that before the massive influx of games consoles and computers people would battle it out for pride by playing a simple board game.

However, board games are played much less than before and even worse still tend not to appeal to younger fold nowadays. The era of the internet has made absolutely sure of the demise of physical board games. It is a crying shame because now youngsters are bound to their computer screens at not socializing as they should be.

It seems that the convenience of being to play anyone at anytime of the day online is far superior to arranging a physical board game amongst pals. Anyway – enough of the death of board games and on to a game that at least tests the wits of those that missed out on the pre-internet period.

WarCraft is a digital strategy game that uses cards. The idea of the game is to gain as much mana as possible to kill of your opponents. This is achieved using minions and heroes. The game has become an online sensation and will not be going anywhere soon.

Other eSport Games

There are a large number of other eSport games out there that you can check out. One of the best articles we have seen was by the Dallas Observer. Check it out because this news report lists 15 of the most popular online eSport games including some of the games we have mentioned here.

Although the Dallas Observer report does not include poker games. There are also a host of other games that are now also considered eSports such as Blackjack, Craps, Caribbean Poker, Baccarat, and more. To access these types of games and get the best possible online gaming experience, you would need to visit one of the many online casinos out there.

You can play games for free or play for real money at many of these websites. On the other hand, games such as WarCraft, LOL and DOTA 2 do not have real money games per se. You can spend money on the games by buying special battle passes or by purchasing hero or champion loads outs to decorate your favorite heroes or champions on the games.

In order to understand this, you need to understand the difference between eSports that are generally there for recreational play and others like poker found on websites like that offer the chance to play for real money.

At the end of the day, the idea of this article was to give you a very good, but brief, overview of just how online gameplay is increasingly becoming considered and recognized as a sport. No matter how much the older generation (which includes me) argues against the fact that a virtually played game can be considered as a sport, it is a losing battle.

As the new generation shapes the future of the world, the older generation’s ideologies will be pushed aside to make way for the new generation. Within that new generation is the popular belief that online games are now a sport. This article just helps you understand why this is happening and hopefully, much like me, will help you accept that the future of online gaming is considered assport!

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