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5 incredible gta 5 secrets that you won’t believe the game

5 incredible gta 5 secrets that you won’t believe the game

Ever since the world came to know about GTA, the phenomenal game, people have been going mad over each of its upgraded versions. If you’re a GTA fanatic, you already know GTA is full of twists and turns, secrets and mysteries. Like the older versions, GTA 5 has many too. While you must have come across many of them, here’s a list of little-known secrets about GTA 5 that will knock your socks off and make you install GTA 5 free.

Kanye West

While many players would’ve come across this GTA 5 secret, a lot would have missed it orhavne’t taken a closer look. If you take a careful look at one of the NPCs in the game, you would find a striking similarity between the NPC and one of the most popular rappers of the US, Kanye West.

Jolene Cranely’s Ghost

Having everything strange and odd in the game, the developers didn’t miss out on spooky stuff either. GTA 5 has three mountains in total, one of which is Mount Gordo. If you visit this mountain, you’d find the ghost of Jolene Cranely. The story behind Jolene’s ghost at that spot is that she and her husband had marital issues. One fine day, as both were taking a walk up the mountain, an argument led to her husband pushing her off the cliff. You can’t interact with the ghost but it’s still there and can be creepy.

GTA 5 free

Jesse Pinkman’sFace

With so many new yet strange things about GTA 5, you’d come across the weirdest Easter egg of all time.If you’re at the northern peak of Mount Chiliad near the cable car station,this Easter egg is the face of the popular character from Breaking Bad. Yes, you’d find Jessie Pinkman’s face impression painted on the face of the mountain.

Bermuda Triangle

If you don’t know what Bermuda Triangle is, it’s a mysterious spot that is a conjunction of three points- the Island of Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida. This spot is known to cause the sudden and unexplainable disappearance of planes and ships, with many conspiracy theories surrounding it. If you observe, GTA 5 has a very similar point, and upon reaching there, the player would get teleported back, that too without the vehicle.

Underwater Hatch

If you ever happen to be at San Andreas’ East Coast region by water, you’reat a chance of finding a tiny structure that is circular and located at the bottom of the sea. As you approach the structure, you’d find that the light would turn on. This looks pretty much like The Hatch that you would’ve seen on the popular TV show ‘Lost.’

Secrets and mysteries like these are what keep GTA players hooked to the game and look forward to more of them. While these are some of the secrets about GTA 5 free, you have great chances of finding more secrets as you play the game. With these three being spoilers, it would be best to leave the rest for you to click here and play the game and discover more.

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